Arakan National Council Statement on Arbitrary Arrest and Detention of Mr.Naing Soe

Statement on Arbitrary Arrest and Detention of Mr.Naing Soe

Date – February 27th, 2018.

At 06:45 p.m. on February 25th, 2018, local government authorities arbitrarily arrested Mr.Naing Soe, a Central Executive Committee member and head of the Social Department of the Arakan National Council, in his parents’ house in Sittwe poviding a lame excuse that he is required for investigation at higher-order command.

Following the seizure of him for investigation without an arrest warrant and a valid reason, local government authorities are preparing to accuse him of the Sittwe bomb blast that occurred on February 24th, 2018 and indict him under Article 50 (a) and (i) of the Anti-Terrorism Law, remanding him in custody.

ANC emphatically denies its or its members’ involvement in the incident. The arbitrary arrest and detention of Mr.Naing Soe and remanding him in custody under heavy charges simply means victimization with a conspiracy.

As a matter of fact, Mr.Naing Soe is receiving regular medical treatment at his parents’ house due to his ailment. Thus, we are highly worried about his health.

His father, Mr.Maung Thein, also passed away within days during a wrongful arrest and custody in March 2014.

The arbitrary arrest and detention of Mr.Naing Soe as such poses a substantial detriment to domestic peace and national reconciliation since he is also involved in the current peace process as an ANC representative.

            Thus, we solemnly demand the immediate release of Mr.Naing Soe from arbitrary arrest and detention. Moreover, we suggest that government authorities conduct all proceedings for the others in custody in accordance with the law as well as on the basis of truth and justice.

                                                                                                Central Executive Committee

                                                                                         Arakan National Council


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