Arakanese Farmer Tortured by Myanmar Army Troops in Rethedaung , Northern Arakan

An Arakanese farmer was tortured by Myanmar Army also known as Myanmar Tatmataw’s soldiers on  22 May, 2018  Tuesday’s  evening near the Line Gwon village , Rathedaung township, northern Arakan state, western Burma/Myanmar.

On 22 May, 2018 at around 7:00 pm U Khin Maung Than (aka) Johnny (42) year of age father of 5 children ,son of late U Chan Thar from Line Gwon village was severely beaten by two Myanmar Army troops while he was returning from La Mu Taing village to his village Line Gwon under the Rethedaung township of northern Arakan, western Burma/Myanmar .

The victim told AASYC that among the two Myanmar Army soldiers one of them was wearing civilian dress and another one was wearing Myanmar Army (Tatmataw) uniform. The soldier who wore the Tatmataw uniform severely kicked him a number of times to his mouth and back and in consequence two of his upper teeth were completely broken out and other teeth got seriously injured. The victim’s however could not identify the perpetrator’s battalion name of the Myanmar Army (Tatmataw) . However the headman of the Line Gwan village U Aung Kyaw Wong told the victim that it was likely the Light Infantry Battalion (544) of Myanmar Army (Tatmataw) but could not be confirmed exactly yet.

On Friday 25 May the victim Khin Maung Than, came to the Rathedaung township’s hospital for the medical treatment with his own arrangement without the getting any financial support from the local concerned authorities and then he was sent to the Site-tway hospital for the skull X-ray test on 27 May.

The victim urged the concerned authorities to investigate the case and held the perpetrators accountable as early as possible.

Myanmar Army (Tatmataw) including other security forces have been committing many human rights violations towards the Arakanese ethnic people in Arakan over the decades since the military regime and yet today despite the civilian government and democracy transition in the country but most of the perpetrators were not held accountable and were not brought to justice.


Research and Documentation Department

All Arakan Students’ and Youths’ Congress (AASYC)