Nearly 1300 Arakanese IDPs Arrive at San Baw Kaing Village of Mrauk-U Township, Arakan

A total of 1260 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) taking refuge at the San Baw Kaing village located near the bank of the Laymro river under Mrauk-U township due to the recent skirmish between Myanmar Army (Tatmataw) and Arakan Army (AA) the military wing of United League of Arakan (ULA) which took place between the village of Pharar Gree and Maw Wra Haung on March 4, 2019 on Tuesday’s evening at around 7 PM along the Laymro river in Mrauk-U township of Arakan state.

The 1260 IDPs are from the the 288 households from the three villages near by the place where the fighting had took place such as Pharar Gree, Maw Ror Haung and Maw Ror Thit villages. There are 815 women and 595 men in the San Baw Kaing village IDP camp.

There are also hundreds of refugees taking shelter in the some of local monasteries in the ancient Arakanese capital city of Mrauk-U .

Information and Public Relation Department
All Arakan Students’ and Youths Congress (AASYC)